Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Southern Belle

The Southern Belle riverboat is one of my favorite attractions in Chattanooga.  This is one place that I bring all of my out of town guests to.  Not only is it an enjoyable and relaxing ride on the river, but you also get the most beautiful views of Chattanooga along the river.

I have been on the Southern Belle several times.  The first time we went was the lunch cruise.  I wasn't too impressed with the lunch they offered though I did enjoy the Moonpie for dessert. My husband and I also went on a dinner cruise for our anniversary and that food was much better.  We also added an extra package on to that where we also got a window seat, a keepsake picture, a bottle of wine, and some keepsake wine glasses.

They also offer a variety of special cruises throughout the year.  For more information please visit

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Titanic Museum Attraction

(This is not located in Chattanooga, however it's within a couple hours driving distance so I decided to share it on here)

I have been to several different Titanic museums throughout the years.  The Titanic and ocean liners are my thing.  So naturally when they opened one in Piegon Forge, TN, just a couple hours from where I live, I had to go check it out.

One thing that was different about this museum from the beginning was odviously the fact that it looks like a mini Titanic.  Every other Titanic exhibit I had been to has been either traveling or semi-permanent so they have either been in hotels, convention centers, or at other museums so It really is a cool site when you're driving down the street and then suddenly a Titanic appears out of no where!  

Another thing that I love about this museum is the many recreations of rooms and areas on the Titanic that they have.  There is something so nastolgic about walking down a first class hallway, walking up the grand staircase, or standing on Titanic's bridge!  I also love that they have an area for kids.  The last time we went I brought my two year old and he really enjoyed the different activities in the Tot-tanic area.

The only advantage I would say that the other museums and exhibits that I have been to have over the Titanic Museum Attraction is the artifacts.  Other exhibits have seems to have more variety or more rare artifacts.  However, Titanic Museum Attraction does not "grave rob" (taking stuff out of the Titanic) to get their artifacts so I greatly respect that.  They only have artifacts that humans carried off of the Titanic with them or that were floating in the ocean after it sank.  They also have some items off other White Star Line ships.

There are also other great sections of the museum, one being an amazing photo gallery of long lost pictures taken aboard the Titanic, and they have special exhibits that they change out annually, the current one is an exhibit on Margaret "Molly" Brown.  At the end of the tour there is also a wonderful gift shop that sells many Titanic souvenir items along with recreated items.

For more information please visit:

The Tennessee Aquarium

We first went to The Tennessee Aquarium shortly after we moved out here a few years ago.  Prior to that I had only been to The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.  I found The Georgia Aquarium too large and felt that it had a confusing layout, so I was very relieved when we went to The Tennessee Aquarium and it was the perfect size and I felt that it was a much better layout and had a clear path to lead you through all of the areas of the aquarium.

When my son was about five months old we went to The Tennessee Aquarium again and he was absolutely fascinated by everything.  We decided then that we had to get a membership.  The membership pays for itself in a few visits and is totally worth it.  The Tennessee Aquarium is a great activity anytime of the year for families or even just adults, and we really enjoy their member events that they have several times a year.  There is always something different you notice each visit and as many times as we have been there, it never gets old.

They recently expanded their otter exhibit and it is great.  The otters are one of my favorite parts of the River Journey side of the aquarium so it is enjoyable seeing more otters now. 

I also really enjoy the Delta Country part of River Journey.  It really makes you feel like you are in the bayou as you walk through it.  

My favorite area of the aquarium however is the Ocean Journey.  It is always enjoyable to watch the penguins and get up close to the sharks.

The Tennessee Aquarium is great place to visit regardless if you live here or are just visiting.  I greatly recommend checking it out and I promise that you won't be disappointed!  You can find more information on The Tennessee Aquarium at